We all look for in our home that place of escape and relaxation, that makes us forget about the whirlwind of jobs. Yes, the colors that we incorporate into our decoration are VITAL so that our experience at home is 100% pleasant.

At EDIFICACIONES RC we are concerned, within all our projects, with advising on colors to use in your decoration and painting. The choice of paint color for each room is something that must be carefully considered, as it will accompany us in the medium and long term.


  • White. It will always give a clean feeling and it is a color that in the toilet and kitchen “never fails”. It also causes a feeling of spaciousness so it is also advisable in small rooms.
  • Pink. Today it is no longer an exclusive color for girls’ rooms. Every day more and more of our customers are launching to introduce the different varieties of this color in their rooms. It is scientifically proven that pink brings a feeling of relaxation and inner peace.
  • Red. Perhaps it is not a good option for a large place, but if you want something specific to highlight your decoration “with red do not fail.”
  • Yellow. This color is identified with fun, then it is the perfect color for rooms intended for play. Remember that it is a “strong” color that can be scary, but there is always a suitable shade for each space.
  • Black. Without a doubt, we are facing the color that scares our clients the most. Its gloomy character means that it is little used in decoration. The latest decoration trends have elevated this color as the color of 2019.

Do not hesitate, be brave in the choice of colors to flood your home with a touch of distinction and quality.