Having a clean pool during the summer is very advisable because it is one of the areas of the home that we will use the most when it is hot. So that the pool is always in the best conditions, we must follow certain guidelines to enjoy the pool at any time.

Pool cleaning tips for summer

You have to try to proliferate the algae in the water. To achieve this, we must use a specific product or a pH reducer. The water must have a pH level between 7.2 and 7.4. You also have to disinfect the pool with chlorine, which will allow us to ensure that there will be no algae in the water.

To avoid that the walls of the pool are viscous, we must control the chlorine and the pH of the water. That the walls of the pool are like this, is because the pH level of the water is high. You have to adjust it as in the previous section and also adjust the chlorine level to 1.

If we find cloudy water, we must use a flocculant product that is effective. This will cause the particles that are suspended in the water to fall to the bottom. The pump that will have the pool will take charge of absorbing them and replenishing the water.

In case the water has a strong smell and causes so much mucus as irritation in eyes and skin, the level of chlorine is high. You have to reduce the levels of chlorine by removing the tablet for a few days so that the water is in the best possible conditions.

Do not forget the outer perimeter of the pool, an area that is not always paid the necessary attention. We must try to have this area in the best possible condition, eliminating dirt, the small grass that grows between the joints of the tiles or repairing cracks or breaks that the tiles could have. Thus, we will avoid slipping or we can hurt ourselves by stepping on the edge of a tile.