I want to reform my house that is one of the phrases that many people raise when a year begins. With the arrival of a new year, there are many proposals to make changes, which are multiplied and many of them focus on making small reforms in housing.

What reforms are usually made this season?

Painting the home is a great idea to renew any stay, especially if you change the colors and move away from the ubiquitous white. Betting on different colors brings a lot of style and personality to any room in the home.

Another option is to put wallpaper, one of the trends of the moment that returns with great force for homes, regardless of the decorative style they have.

Christmas expenses may have been too much and there is not much capital to be able to make a large investment in reforms, but small repairs can be made at home. Check the plumbing, electrical wiring, do some masonry work, etc. It is never a bad time for everything to be as we want.

The bathroom is one of the rooms where more changes are made and one of the most current trends is to eliminate the bathtub and put a shower tray with screen. This is achieved by expanding and optimizing the available bathroom space, but also reducing water consumption when we take a bath in the bathtub.

If you have some budget, reform the kitchen is an interesting option. You can reorganize all the elements (countertops, furniture, etc.) or do everything from scratch.
This is one of the most common reforms. Also, the investment is usually not as big as many people believe. Therefore, it is best to seek a good professional company that takes care of everything and can adapt to the needs of each person.