At any time in your life you can live in a house that needs a good reform, although a priori may scare a little. Reforms don’t have to be chaotic or cumbersome, as long as you make the right decisions. And, above all, the most difficult thing still; not to get out of the budget. It may seem impossible to you, so continue reading this article and you will discover that it is viable.

What to do so that the price of your reform doesn’t skyrocket

Hire a trustworthy company

Cheap is expensive, and even more so if it is a reform. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you hire someone you trust and with good hands to take care of something as important as the reform of your home.

Penalty clauses

It is inevitable to assume delays in all reforms, but never admit to extra costs or take care of them, because they are not your responsibility. To prevent this from happening, you can include a penalty clause in the budget, so you can claim financial compensation for each day that exceeds the end date.


This point is essential and will make it much easier for us to reform, especially if it is far-reaching. You must make a plan of what is going to be done and how so that at any moment you can control the rhythm of the works. And of course, consult the needs of the reform with the specialists so that there are no misunderstandings.

Materials management

This may be one of the main problems in completing a reform on time. Incidents such as lack of stock or postponement of a shipment can delay the work, and it will also be advisable to choose the best value for money to fit the budget.