As with clothes, decoration is something that is constantly evolving and nowadays all the elements that can become part of the decoration are taken into account. A clear example can be found in the tiles for the bathroom.

The tiles for the bathroom are no longer exclusively white and for a long time we can find many different references to provide this intimate space with a unique style. What are the trends when it comes to bathroom tiles? In this article, We share with you what are de trends for autumn-winter season 2019

Trends in tiles for bathrooms autumn-winter 2019

Undoubtedly, the trend Dark & ​​Watercolor will become one of the most used trends in home tiles decoration, but not only in the bathrooms but also in any other room of the home. This demonstrates the versatility with which this trend counts. They are tiles that have effects of shadows, gradients and also watercolor, with which to create spaces of style very used, although also very sophisticated.

The Light Marbled trend offers mottled surfaces with light betas. This can be included in any kind of decorative style for the bathroom, which means that it must be taken into account.

The Brutalist Style is a revolution where geology has a great role and where geology is one of the main keys of inspiration for tiles. A stone style effect is achieved, but with a quite remarkable style. It is ideal for bathrooms that are 100% committed to the natural elements.

Finishing this article, we cannot forget to talk about a style called Tile Deco, which brings to our days past trends that nowadays are classics with a renewed aspect. If you have a vintage decoration in your home, this is the style you should have for the tiles in your bathroom.