Nowadays, the decoration in the home is something very important and there are many methods that can be used to give a unique aspect to any place of the house. Plasters are one of the most important decorative trends of the moment and have more success, being able to change the appearance of a whole house.

The results can be fantastic, provided that the plasters are made by a professional. They can bring an aesthetic and an incredible style to any home for much less money than we can imagine.

Top plasters styles that you fall in love

Venetian plaster is one of the most remarkable styles and with which an imitation of marble can be achieved. It can be combined perfectly with many other materials such as hardwoods or gold and silver elements.

One of the techniques for applying gypsum is what is known as bark beetle. Although this technique can be used on facades, it can also be done inside homes. This application is made with a specific palette with which artistic and professional results are achieved.

The rebano is another kind of artistic plaster and with which fantastic plaster can be created. This mixture has several colored particles and when applied it is done in an original way. First put a specific glue on the wall and then throw the particles to be stuck, getting a very original look.

The plaster with texture is another of the most successful proposals to get very special plaster. This effect can be done in different ways, one of which is that a professional is responsible for creating the shapes and textures by hand and with their tools or using predefined templates that cost very little work to place on the wall. With this, you can give a unique style to any corner of the home.