When you plan to make a reform in the home, we must keep in mind many different aspects and have them all well insured. When we talk about a reform we do not talk about an investment of a few euros, but it can become an important economic outlay. For that reason we want to share with you some tips to get the best out of this process.

Succeed in reforming your home with these tips

The best thing is not to risk calling the “friend who knows how to do everything”, the reform should be entrusted to a professional company, without improvising. Only with professionals you will have the result you expect and completely guaranteed. In addition, a professional company will use quality materials to achieve the best result for all customers.

The company or professional hired must be serious, have a NIF, bank account and also a mandatory Civil Liability insurance due to their activity. This will protect both the company and the customer from any unforeseen eventuality.

It is recommended that everything be written in writing, so that it can be used as proof of any possible problem or that a defect occurs during the reform. Another very important advice is that you do not have to pay the full price in advance, at most 30 or 40%.

A reform work should never be started without the relevant permits. Small works do not require permission, but the works of reform, especially those in which there is an increase in living space. These reforms must be communicated to the City Council and have the necessary permission.

Not only do you have to have the permission of the City Council, the Community of Owners of the building must approve the work, especially if it affects common elements of the building. The stairs, the portal and the elevator must also be protected so that they do not become dirty or can be damaged when the debris is removed.