With the arrival of summer, our house suffers from high temperatures that make us feel uncomfortable.

Beyond the typical remedy of resorting to refrigeration systems, we can do many more things that help keep our house cool in hot weather; our electricity bill will thank you.

We tell you today how it is possible to keep a house fresh, without the need for excessive light expenditure.


  • Check your plumbing installation. Oddly enough, the pipes in a house if they are old or not well insulated can transmit heat. The passage of hot water through old pipes will cause the degrees in our home to increase.
  • Awnings as a protection measure. A good exterior canopy structure not only insulates the exterior, but can insulate the home. Placing awnings on the external walls most exposed to hours of sunlight, produces a decrease in degrees at home.
  • Plants refresh your home. Plants placed on balconies and windows make the environment easily drop a couple of degrees indoors. If you have a garden, watering it at peak times will reduce heat input.
  • Minimize the use of household appliances. We are facing one of the causes that causes our home to heat up. Try to minimize its use as much as possible, the oven is special.
  • Cold water is a great ally. This home remedy is foolproof. Scrubbing the floor with cold water instantly lowers the temperature during the hottest hours. Remember that the best way to have cold water is with ice and the old remedy of putting ice to the water that we use to mop the floor, is a super effective remedy.

From EDIFICACIONES RC in the event of reform or new construction, we will advise you of the protection and insulation measures against heat.