A large number of different materials are used in any construction or refurbishment work. If we look at autumn materials, we find a wide range of proposals that adapt perfectly to any type of space, regardless of the decorative tendency that dominates the room to be renovated.

Which are the most used materials in autumn

One of the trend materials in the sector of works and reforms is volcanic stone, which has many different applications, especially in relation to interior decoration. It is a material that is produced by mixing many others such as glass, marble shavings, granite or epoxy resins.

These products improve its technical characteristics in terms of flexibility and resistance, offering the market an excellent range of different tones and textures, creating a unique atmosphere in any room of the home.

Porcelain stoneware is another of the latest trends in rehabilitation materials. In addition, there are a large number of different proposals such as microperforated coatings, which can be combined with other different materials, demonstrating their versatility.

In terms of cladding, the traditional hydraulic tile should be highlighted, which has returned from the past with great strength. It has done so with another material that has always been used in construction, wood. In this case, it is wood for floors, which can present excellent personalized motifs with details such as reliefs or even some of the more classic designs such as herringbone.

Although they may seem like materials from the past, wicker and form are beginning to have a new life, reliving the successful times of the past. Today, they predominate not only in furniture but also in accessories, and can be combined with wood and ceramics.