The Ibiza style is still a trend and it is impossible not to take it into account in the summer months.

For this reason, at EDIFICACIONES RC we encourage you to decorate your home or any of its rooms with the charms of the trendiest island in the Mediterranean.

It is necessary to be clear that the must have that we propose creates a style between the casual and the most elegant, to achieve cozy and easy to achieve environments. Win with a house inspired by the most elegant Ibizan style!


  1. The richness of white color.

White is the star color of Ibizan fashion. Paint the walls white or choose white sofas, for example, that dress up the atmosphere of purity. White will match perfectly with any shade and with the rest of the decoration.

  1. Color, luminosity and freshness key to the success of the Ibizan style.

To capture the keys to the Mediterranean in your space, you have to keep in mind the color, light and freshness. Therefore, it decorates with wooden or wicker furniture, textiles in bright colors or with blue, green, orange and yellow geometric patterns…

  1. The plants of the Ibiza style.

You can also include a small wild touch in the environment that you decide to decorate with large houseplants. Plants like a delicious monstera, a palm tree, plants with white flowers … etc.

4. Vintage touch of the Ibiza style. Look for old paintings, classic golden vases with flowers, armchairs and tufted sofas … visit the shops in your city or the traces to have unique pieces with history.
5. The Ibizan style is sustainable. That’s right, this style of construction finds its origin in an absolute respect for the environment. If you want to build an Ibiza house in Alicante, don’t forget to design it with the utmost respect for the environment.

Do you want to get this style to enjoy with yours? Contact us and we will help you get it. To speak of building an Ibizan house in Alicante and Ibizan decoration is to speak of EDIFICACIONES RC.