If we talk about a material like cement, anyone will come to mind the mixture that is made for the union of bricks with each other for the construction of different structures, although things have changed a lot. It is still used in this way, but this material is having great success in decorating homes.

Cement in home decoration 

It is gray, austere and has an industrial touch, but nevertheless continues to have great success in terms of home decoration. Currently, you can see in different places of the most modern houses as floor and wall covering in kitchens and bathrooms especially, providing them with a very special look, a mixture between something rustic and industrial.

The good thing about this material is that you do not have to go to a store specializing in construction materials for purchase. The best stores and also the large specialized decoration areas have it in their catalog. It can be done at home, although it is necessary to know how to work it correctly, otherwise, it is best to leave it to a professional.

If the intention is to cover the floor, there are two options that are trend. One of them is polished cement, which is a finish that is achieved by polishing this material, leaving it smooth, soft, shiny and ready for domestic use.

Another option is the microcemento, which is also having an overwhelming success around the world. It is a specific product that has the same components as ordinary cement, but has incorporated polymers, aggregates, fibers and colored pigments.

Thanks to its great adhesion power can be used to cover any kind of surface, including furniture, giving them a very original look.

The kitchens give them an industrial look, which means that if you have stainless steel, the effect is multiplied, creating a very colorful space. Bathrooms with microcemento are also very appreciated for the modern and cosmopolitan aspect they receive.