When winter arrives, any strategy is worthwhile to insulate homes from the cold. If you do not have heating in your home or you are one of those people who suffer from artificial heat, you can put into practice the following tips to win the battle against the cold in your home.

How to insulate your home from the cold

Energy consumption and the problem of carbon dioxide emissions force us, as far as possible, to seek new formulas to avoid the effects of low temperatures. Here are some tricks you can use to insulate your house against the cold:

Sealing the windows

Window edges often allow drafts and heat buildup in the house to escape. Covering the edges of the windows with insulating tape will prevent heat from escaping and cold from seeping through the house.

Laying carpets

During the winter, carpets can be our great allies in the fight against the cold. Carpets keep the ground temperature warmer and allow us to walk without freezing.

Reducing ventilation

To ventilate the house we usually open the windows. No more than 5 minutes are needed to ventilate and renew the oxygen in a house. Less time with the windows open will allow us to better conserve heat.

Close the doors

The cold comes from outside and invades every corner of our home. If we keep the doors of the rooms we are in closed, we will make it difficult for the currents to reach the rooms we use most.

Taking advantage of the light

The sun provides us with warmth. Sunny days, even in winter, are perfect for opening the curtains during the day and allowing sunlight to warm our home.

With this extra heat and the tricks we have seen before you can make winters at home less cold and more pleasant.