Houses, like all things material, suffer deterioration caused by use or the passage of time. Sometimes it is necessary to know the current state of our house to be able to assess different actions to carry out in case of needing some type of rehabilitation or reform to maintain your home as it deserves.

If your house is “young” between 5 and 10 years old , it is most likely that a small coat of paint and some decorative change is enough for proper maintenance and achieve a change of airs that bring a touch of novelty to your home.

If your house is on the threshold of 10 to 15 years , surely you will have to look down and buy the quality of the soil. The floor suffers a lot of wear from blows, cleaning or simply use, so depending on the material used it can suffer damage and it is possible that the time has come for a change. You can always take advantage of and put the floor that you have wanted so much from the moment you entered to live.

If your house is between 15 and 30 years old , we are entering a more complicated terrain, you will need to reform the kitchen and bathrooms. At this time and with daily use of these two spaces in the house, wear and tear is inevitable. It is time to get down to work and give a more modern and practical touch to the bathroom and kitchen. Like, for example: getting rid of the bathtub and installing a shower.

With more than 30 years. The main problems that appear are usually in the facilities. Plumbing, electricity, gas … the passage of time means that installations that, however durable they are, are not infinite, deteriorate and need some other urgent change due to breakages. Another factor of change reached at this point is the windows, not only because of their deterioration but also because of obvious energy savings. The change of windows more than an expense is considered an investment, since in the long run the savings are very large and it shows.

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