When decorating your home, achieving a perfect finish is essential to provide the quality and warmth that your home needs. When we talk about wall covering, in the market we can find a wide variety of styles, designs, materials, colors, patterns and shapes for all tastes.

The choice of wall covering for your home is a very important decision that must be taken calmly and safely since it is not something that may be constantly changing. This does not mean that it cannot be based on the latest trends since most of them tend to be timeless.

At RC BUILDINGS we are experts in construction and home renovations . Our experience in so many years dedicated to this sector, has made us experts in achieving a perfect finish in each of our jobs, being up to date in all decorative trends. Today we are going to tell you the latest in wall coverings .


  • Wallpaper is back to stay. Without a doubt, this classic comes stronger than ever, its great possibilities give a large number of decorative options to our home.
  • Murals . Landscapes, photos, large-scale drawings covering a wall is one of the most demanded options lately in decoration.
  • Porcelain tiles . Mosaic-shaped tiling is another of the most sought-after options.
  • Wood cladding . A classic and elegant touch. In addition, its cleaning is very appreciated and it is an ideal natural insulator.
  • The elegance of marble . A classic that is always on trend and gives a very elegant touch to our homes.

What do you think? Undoubtedly, in the world of wall cladding, trends are linked to the classics, and it is that the not old-fashioned quality is improved with current designs and linked to the new times. If you are looking for advice to reform your home, do not hesitate to ask us without any kind of commitment .