There is very little left for the beginning of the new year 2020 and it is convenient to make a balance, in particular today we will talk about which have been the best claddings during 2019, so that we can intuit that, in the next year, similar lines will be followed. 

After multiple seasons in which the northern style of straight lines was the absolute protagonist, it is time to change the chip and begin to interiorise what the trends have been.

The main claddings in 2019

Wood is still the star material: Despite the many innovations we see from year to year in coatings and flooring, wood continues to be the absolute protagonist of interiors and thus will continue to be, even stronger in 2020.

Raw Trend: More wood, however not any finish is worth, the trend Raw treads strongly and was doing so during 2019. More and more the more natural and also “imperfect” side of woods predominates. Veins, knots and even fissures have marked a trend in wooden coverings, both in floors and walls.

Dark colours. The dark colors have made an act of presence and won great stardom in 2019.

Wallpaper: In 2019 velvet and wallpaper joined to wood to configure the interiors that we have been able to see months ago.

Marble: Undoubtedly a material that never goes out of fashion and combines really well with wood and glass. Before it was only seen in white tones, but in 2019 we have been able to see how pink predominated.