The new year is the perfect time to turn your life around. A home renovation is the ideal excuse to forget the problems of the past and renew the illusion with new objectives.

If you like to be up to date and make your home look original and modern, read on because we present you with the latest 2020 trends in home renovation.

2020 trends

Every day we are more aware of the need to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Smart homes are the trend in renovations for the year 2020 and the solution for energy saving and environmental care.

Thanks to domotics we can control from our mobile phone what happens in our house and save a lot of energy. Making some small reforms in our house we can achieve:

  • Program the lighting and air conditioning to improve energy efficiency.
  • Control the ignition of the electrical appliances so that they work at low consumption times.
  • Open curtains and blinds during the hours of sunshine so that the house is heated.
  • Automatically water the gardens using weather sensors.

As far as furniture is concerned, this 2020 is committed to the combination of materials in the same room. The most modern houses mix wood and metal for chairs, tables and living room furniture, giving our homes an avant-garde aesthetic with elements resistant to use and the passage of time.

The trends for this 2020 are focused on the welfare of the inhabitants of the house. The open spaces and the reduction of walls increase our sensation of freedom. White colours and light tones relax us and help us to forget about the stress of everyday life.

In addition to the reduction of walls, the 2020 bets on minimalism. The houses of the 21st century are characterized by the use of the right and necessary furniture to live. Less complements and adornments are translated in more space to enjoy our homes.