If you are thinking of reforming your home, you should know that it is essential to apply for a building permit. Having a building licence will save you from possible conflicts with your neighbours and will allow you to carry out the work under the right safety conditions.

Starting work on a property without the corresponding licence can lead to very large fines and economic sanctions. Here are the steps to follow to apply for your building permit.

Steps to follow to get the license

The requirements for applying for a building permit may vary according to the municipality you belong to, as these institutions are responsible for managing this type of procedure.

In the case of major works, you need to hire an architect to develop a reform or rehabilitation project. This project must be approved by the town hall in order to start the work.

It is very important that these projects provide reports on health and safety, both of the workers involved and of the adjacent housing.

In the case of minor works, the legislation is very different depending on the location where we want to carry out the work. The most common is to have to fill out an application form including the budget of the work provided by the company that will carry out the work.

We will have to pay the construction tax and the builder will have to prove that he has civil liability insurance to cover any damage caused by the work.

Whatever the work we want to carry out, the best thing to do is to go to the town hall and ask for all the information related to the execution of work and reforms in the home.

To avoid problems and ensure a good execution in more complicated works, it is necessary to have the advice of a professional. Architects, quantity surveyors or serious and experienced construction companies can help us to successfully complete the works and obtain all the necessary licences.