Everyone knows, the kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the home every day and usually where the family spends the most time. It must be a warm space that invites to be in it, although as we already know, not all kitchens have the same space available.

If you plan to make a reform, it is very important to take into account various factors to get the most out of it if it is a kitchen with small dimensions.

Tips to get the most out of a small kitchen renovation

It is important to have a good planning in which an orderly distribution is made, making the most of each corner and leaving everything ready for when the furniture and the different elements that are part of the kitchen are placed.

When choosing furniture, you should opt for simple and simple lines, as if it were minimalist decoration. This will prevent the space from becoming too crowded and provide the visual impression that it is smaller than it really is.

To achieve a depth effect, it is advisable that the doors of the furniture are made of glass. In this way you can see the back wall, with which you gain a greater sense of space.

The color should be clear, the best being white, especially because it provides clarity and maximum space. Also, if curtains are placed should be placed ones that are not too thick and light colors. It is important to take full advantage of natural light, a key element to generate a greater sense of space.

Lighting is a factor to consider and the LED light spots are one of the best options, as well as being a decorative trend of the first order. They provide the best results, with a powerful light and white color,

If the kitchen is too small and you do not usually eat it, you can do without the table, although you can have a folding on the wall when necessary, so you will make the most of the space.