It’s already cold and that’s something we’ve all noticed. Whenever winter arrives and the cold surprises us, we are suddenly faced with the situation or debate of what is the most effective, cheap and comfortable system to heat our homes. And the same question always arises: Radiator or air conditioning with heat pump?

You have all already taken out your old stove, undoubtedly a very saving resource for a given moment, but if we stop to think, stoves are the least efficient way to heat your home, their consumption is usually excessive and they also do not heat enough.

Installation, cost, maintenance are some of the aspects that we value the most when choosing which will be our installation to withstand the cold days of winter. In BUILDINGS RC we have prepared a list with advantages and disadvantages to help you solve your doubts.


Advantages of the radiator. Great technological advances have made electricity consumption very low. It does not leave any type of residue and offers the possibility of programming.

Disadvantages of the radiator. Its operation is limited to providing heat. They are very practical in winter, but useless in summer. In addition, they usually take some time to get the home warm.

Advantages of the heat pump. You heat the house very quickly, they generate more energy than they consume, that is, they heat more than they waste and thanks to the filters they allow to purify the air.

Disadvantages of the heat pump. Its operation can be somewhat noisy, in addition the air that it gives off can destroy the humidity of the environment and its heat is easily lost.

What do you think of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these systems? We know that the decision is still difficult, our advice, choose the technology that best suits your home and your pocket.