The open concept or the union of different spaces at home such as the living room with the dining room or kitchen, is a trend that is being imposed in new constructions and that we pamper ourselves, we do in our own works or reforms. A clear example is that there are more and more followers of American kitchens or island kitchens.

Thus, to avoid the coexistence of two totally different types of flooring in the same room due to the aesthetic contrast. The doubt assails us whether it is advisable to install parquet for the kitchen and bathrooms and thus achieve a perfect harmony at home.

As we know, humidity, so typical of these areas, is the main enemy of this type of soil. In this way, from RC Buildings we are going to first solve the doubt of whether or not we should install parquet and with it, give possible solutions for these areas of the house.

Ready? Pay attention! Please.


We already clear all the doubts you may have, confirming that yes, the parquet is easy to install and clean. However, what we want to make clear is that a good placement of the parquet is essential, where weak points where water can leak are sealed, to avoid possible damage from daily use.

So what solutions are there?

  • We can install a special synthetic floor for wet areas. Such as, for example, vinyl or PVC floors and rigid vinyl or SPC floors.
  • We can install a natural wood parquet and treat it properly. Where, for example, we can apply a waterproofing water-repellent product with Finsa’s joint sealant.
  • We can place a laminate floor with a waterproof support. Currently, there are laminate floors suitable for these areas, such as Majestic floors.

In short, once presented in a more technical way, it is possible to install this type of flooring. The best option without a doubt is to always have the opinion and management of professionals in the sector, like us, who are happy to answer all your doubts and we can make personalized estimates. Do not hesitate to contact with any question.