It makes no sense to waste electricity, burn wood or consume gas in trying to keep our house warm, if it does not have a system to insulate cold. Everything we do will be in vain and we will spend much more money and resources than we should. In order to help you keep your house well insulated from the cold, today we bring you a few tips. Leave the cold out of the house!

Tips for insulating your home from the cold

  • Use curtains: Although at first glance it may seem that the curtains do not contribute much to the cold and think that they are only decorative elements or allow privacy inside the home, the truth is that curtains are of great help when maintaining the temperature inside our home, especially if we have old windows.
  • Underfloor heating: If you do not have this type of heating, is perhaps a complicated solution, because it requires work in our house, but certainly is a very effective way to have a warm house.
  • Use of thermal insulation materials: There are thermal insulators that can be installed in the walls, floors and ceiling, with the aim of achieving an optimum temperature inside the home. 
  • Insulating tape on windows: Placing insulating tape in the grooves of windows is a cheap and very effective option to prevent cold from entering through the windows. On the market there are also fabric seals that are usually placed at the bottom of windows and doors. However, if the economy allows it, the option that will best insulate your home from the cold is to place double chamber windows, specially designed to ensure the insulation of our house.
  • Use carpets: The use of carpets will also help to keep our home warmer.