When we are going to make a reform of the home, it is possible that we have the idea of unifying spaces, for which a wall will have to be demolished. You may have wondered at some point how your home would look if you threw a wall, but… how to know which ones can be knocked down?

What walls can be thrown into a home renovation

One aspect that must be taken into account is the thickness of the wall that one wants to eliminate. If there is a door on that wall, you can easily measure the width of the wall. If it is less than about 15 centimeters, it is very possible that it is a partition. This will allow us to tear it down, since it is not a structural element of importance.

In case the wall we want to tear down has no opening and we cannot measure its thickness, we can use a small plastic or rubber mallet. We will hit the wall and if the noise that is generated is hollow and very loud, we can say that it is a partition. On the other hand, if we hear a dull sound when hit, we may find a loading wall.

This kind of walls cannot be demolished and if it is done, it is recommended to have structural supports. Therefore, it takes a superior architect, a technician and a professional team that can undertake this kind of work.

In case it is a loading wall, and knowing that a work like this is not simple, you must have the supervision of an architect or a technician to assess what will be the scope of the reform, then it will be done a study of loads and the constructive details as well as to see if the project is viable. If it is affirmative, it must be legalized in the Town Hall before beginning the reform works.