On many occasions, our clients have doubts about whether to integrate or expose the appliances in their kitchen. We believe that it is an important decision, because it is something that will accompany us in our kitchen in the medium term.

Both options have pros and cons, both in terms of design and functionality. In addition, both options can occur in the same kitchen, which makes the decision more complicated.


  • The budget is not the same. Some integrable appliances involve a greater investment and it is more than advisable installation by a professional. On the other hand, the appliances in sight are cheaper and the installation is simple.
  • It is necessary to value the useful space of the kitchen. Some appliances, such as washing machines, need to be integrated with a closet door. In a small kitchen, perhaps you should run away from obstacles even if they are temporary.
  • Cleanliness is the big difference. An integrated kitchen will have no dead spaces where dirt accumulates.
  • Esthetic. Although one or the other choice is very personal, it seems clear that a kitchen with integrated appliances perfectly respects the design lines and consequently much better respects the aesthetics of the whole.
  •  Variety. Not all appliances have the option of being integrable, so in this case the options are much less. Many of our clients sometimes find it difficult to combine performance and design in a household appliance.

From EDIFICACIONES RC, our experts can always advise you on which option fits best in your kitchen so that the choice is correct. Also the personality of each client and the aesthetic set of the house, makes us recommend one option or another.