Today we celebrate World Architecture Day, created by the International Union of Architects (UIA) is celebrated by all the Official Associations of Architects, in order to highlight the importance of these professionals in the development and growth of cities. 

So necessary is one day a year, at least, to echo that architects are (and we are) necessary in the evolution of civilizations. Well, with their work, with their work, they can generate great changes, oriented towards the well-being of the human being, but also in respect for the environment.

Every year the motto of this celebration is different, changing according to the needs of the moment. We still do not know the motto for this year and surely it is due to the world situation in which we are unfortunately living.

However, at Edificaciones RC we think and defend the position that architects or the companies that represent them should be responsible with respect to the environment. Where progress, culture, evolution and the passage of time can coexist in harmony.

We tell you how we can celebrate this day.


As often happens with other important dates on the calendar, cities often hold events and activities related to the day. With the idea of making known the architectural, cultural, social and human heritage that the great professionals of the sector have bequeathed to us. 

But if it is not your case, we are going to give you a couple of ideas to make this day, from the comfort of your home and from the screen of your computer or mobile. For example:

  • Discover Calatrava’s latest work in Dubai, under the name of “Dubai Creek Tower”. If you are passionate about mega-structures, this is yours. Here you have it.
  • We are curious by nature and surely, at some point, you have wondered what will be the rarest buildings in the world? Well here, you have them.
  • And if you want a bit of history, you can see here the 10 most amazing ancient buildings in the world.

We also invite you to check out our own website and see the projects we have worked on. The great reforms that we have made and in the new projects in which we are immersed. Like the new construction in Muro de Alcoy. New homes under construction that stand out for the quality of construction and attention to detail.