Every Christmas we strive to make our decorations a little original and not repeated year after year. But there may come a time when you’re tired of always using the same details and don’t come up with ideas to innovate with Christmas decoration. If you need a little inspiration to impress your visitors, here are some ideas that can be of great help.

Beautiful and original Christmas decorations

  • Wrap a few boxes with wrapping paper and distribute them around the house. Aside from being an economic resource, the result will be most satisfying.
  • Pineapples are a very Christmas decoration, but if you paint them silver or gold and put them in a large glass jar or wicker baskets with dried flowers, candles and a ribbon, you will get a centerpiece of the most original and beautiful table.
  • Candles are a fundamental element for Christmas decoration, as are garlands of lights, so you can use glass jars, colour them and introduce candles to illuminate the room and create a more welcoming atmosphere.
  • You can make your own Advent calendar to hang on the wall. It’s very simple; with tweezers you can attach paper packages to a base, one for each day, where you can introduce in each one a sweet or gift, so each day will be a surprise.
  • Another option to decorate your original house is to create a Christmas tree yourself. The variants are very wide: photos, soft drink cans, lights, wooden sheets from a pallet, an open staircase… You would be surprised at the materials with which you can make your own Christmas tree and it will not only be more profitable for you, you can also use it as an excuse to encourage your children to do handicrafts. On the other hand, it’s much more eco-friendly than buying one made of plastic instead of using material for recycling.