If you finish this article is because you are thinking of building a swimming pool in your gar or, at the least, it is an idea that you come prowling since in your garden you have a piece of land unused.

A private pool has many advantages : The comfort of being able to swim anytime and cool with your children, have a good time entertainment without having to move to the beach or to the swimming pool.

Choose size of the pool is a great decision. It is important to remember that a pool must have an environment around it clear to place other items and accessories. 

Also, you must take into account who and how many will use it , as well as what are the needs you want to cover .

Does the size of the house influence when choosing a pool?

es, when choosing the size of the pool that we are going to install, the size of our house usually influences the choice . Usually a large house has a large lot or space where you can install a pool. In this case, the normal thing is to bet on a large pool that offers everything that its owners are looking for . 

Although this is the norm, it can also be the case of not wanting to install a large pool that occupies all the space in the garden , but instead wants to allocate part of that surface to other things.

On the other hand, if the house is not very big, the normal thing is that the garden is not either . This is synonymous with choosing smaller pools but which at the moment of truth provide the same benefits as larger ones. 

Pool according to the size of the garden

When it comes to betting on prefabricated pools, we have the option of choosing between different formats such as rectangular, round or oval. Deciding on one model or another will depend on the size we have in our garden and the taste of each one.

Pools for large gardens

In the case of having a large garden, you will have the ability to choose any style for your pool . In Edificaciones RC we recommend that you take into account the design of the house. For example, if it is minimalist or square in style, perhaps the best option is a rectangular pool. In the case that it has a modern design, an oval or round one fits much better.

Pools for small gardens

In the event that your garden does not have too much space , the option we recommend is to decant us by a rectangular pool that we can take advantage to the maximum the space we have. The maximum size will depend on the surface, but ideally they should not exceed 5 meters in length. It should be noted that a small pool does not mean that it is not elegant , in many cases, it is just the opposite.  

What would be the ideal pool model for your garden for you? Contact us if you are thinking of installing a pool in your garden and need professional advice , we will be happy to help you.