That the reform budget does not increase is one of the great fears that we face when it comes to putting ourselves to it. The unforeseen events that may arise, the additional work that we request and the professionalism of the company in charge of the work, can trigger the established budget.

From RC BUILDINGS , we always advise our clients that a reform needs a pre-established budget and stick to it, both we and the client.


  • Always put yourself in the hands of professionals in the sector. A professional will always provide you with a closed budget for a reform, that must be completed in a timely manner. The famous phrase “in finishing, according to the hours I charge you”, detects that you are not in front of a professional and it is more than likely that your budget will skyrocket.
  • Reserve a contingency amount. It is always advisable if it is a major reform, allocate part of the budget for any unforeseen that may arise. If finally there are no unforeseen events, you will have extra money.
  • Choose the materials in advance. This is where some budgets soar. The choice of toilets for example afterwards, will make your budget not be closed beforehand.
  • Apply for all relevant licenses. With this you will avoid possible unexpected fines and delays. From RC BUILDINGS we always inform our clients of the necessary licenses and costs.
  • Set advance deadlines in advance. Not having the necessary times preset can cause additional costs. Thus, some municipal licenses may be temporary and once fulfilled it will be necessary to renew them.

We advise you to always go to professionals to avoid additional costs and so that the end result is as expected. At RC BUILDINGS, our projects begin and end subject to a pre-established budget.