Autumn is an excellent time to carry out the renovation of certain areas of our home. 

To carry out a reform in autumn will be important, above all, so that the cold does not catch us unprepared.

Autumn’s own decorative style

It is good to take advantage of transits from one season to another to alternate decorative styles. We can also implement new technologies at home, as well as make repairs or tune our home in general. 

In short, autumn offers us very opportune days to change or improve the decoration of the home, anticipating the new season of the year, with our reform in autumn.

Some tips to make a reform in autumn this 2019

Inner autumn decoration:

We will take advantage of the change of season to use materials more properly autumnal. Although there is no “official list” of materials more autumnal than another, it is true that autumn refers us to certain things that have to do with the end of a cycle: whether it is the end of summer, the fall of leaves from trees, the prelude to winter, retirement, etc. 

For this reason, many times we will be able to decorate our house in a more autumnal way. We will let the materials be the protagonists, using those own qualities of the material as a decorative element. 

We can use furniture or objects where the cement or the concrete appear without hiding, or that the wood appears almost without working. With all of this we will obtain a more natural general appearance.

Natural colours in our house

Nowadays it is a common tendency to see this type of colours on walls: colours that tend towards blue, yellow, green or red. They are powerful tones, but sober. 

For this autumn can be a good choice if we need to change the color or renovate some part of our house. 

We will look for a shade that is warm, which will help us to get a more homely and warm style. 

During autumn we spend more time at home and it is very comfortable to have warm areas where we feel like we are escaping the cold. 

Also we can, in another place of the house, to implement a more alive color, with which we will alternate, in order to obtain a harmonious contrast, to obtain this way a more balanced result.