With the exception of some privileged areas of Spain, summer is not a time when you usually sleep well .

Heat, travel, numerous activities and changes of pace in our lives to take advantage of the good weather, do not favor anything conciliation d the dream .

D unfortunately the electricity bill for the use of air conditioning also “takes our sleep away”, so today at Edificaciones RC we want to share some tips to keep the bedroom cool during these tropical summer nights.


  1. To pose for bedding made with fabrics of natural origin

Examples of this can be cotton or linen . E hese thermoregulation materials favored because absorb moisture, help maintain uniform temperature and , in addition, provide lightness space.

  1. Use curtains

As you well know, in summer it dawns before and, therefore, the light can disturb our rest. To control the light entering our room if we are not blind, or if you do not want to close them for that from the air, the best option is to play with different layers of curtain (better if it is made of natural materials that favor a cool temperature) .     

  1. Choose the right color

Colors influence our mood and when we go to bed . legir the right shade can also help us relax and sleep in summer.  

The light or pastel absorb less light waves and less heat than the dark ones, and therefore help us to have a cooler temperature in our room.     

  1. Ventilation is key element

Open windows and ventilate r well before making the bed to clear the air and to cool the sheets is key in summer . A clean atmosphere favors a better rest.  

  1. Wake up your most creative side

We give you an idea: Put a fan directed to the windows to prevent the hot air from entering. If you place it pointing to the bed, put a bowl of ice in front to cool the air that reaches you and that the thermal sensation drops considerably.

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