The cold, that hated companion of winter. It gets into our homes and sometimes makes them even colder than the street itself. The best way to feel comfortable and at home at home is to maintain a perfect temperature that gives us the heat that our bodies need during the winter.

Blankets, stoves, closed windows, thermal clothing, the dressing gown or even the sock over the pants have been some of the techniques that have always accompanied us and so that we are going to fool ourselves they have worked for us and we love them. < / p>

But, there are many other ways to keep your house warm during the winter. From EDIFICACIONES RC we wanted to tell you some tricks that will change your life, in clear winter.


  • Use rugs. They work as an insulator and just seeing them give off visual warmth.
  • Bedding is essential. Do not hesitate to put a good duvet and your flannel sheets.
  • Walls lined with wood or cork. Wood and cork work as insulation and not only prevent the cold from passing, they also work with the heat.
  • Take advantage of the Sun. If at the time the Sun is hitting your house you have all the blinds or Open curtains will bring their heat into the house.
  • Zone the heat by rooms. If you have central heating, control which rooms are heating up and avoid wasting heat in the least used areas of the house.
  • Fabric and more fabric. The fabric decoration favors keeping your home warm, you know, more cushions.

What do you think of these tricks to keep your house warm in winter? Did you know any? We hope that they help you to spend the winter as warm as possible and give your home the comfort you deserve.