Christmas is coming. One of the most anticipated times of the year and one of the most beautiful. The cold arrives and the streets are dressed in Christmas decorations, the smell of roasted chestnuts invades the cities and the Christmas carols become the soundtrack of our lives. If there is something that Christmas brings us and we all love, it is the decoration of our homes. There is nothing better than coming home and feeling like the Christmas spirit invades you.

We all love Christmas decorations and whoever says otherwise … Lies. That long-awaited day arrives and you are looking forward to your guests coming home and can see and enjoy that decoration that you have worked so hard this year. But, we know that many times ideas run out and it becomes very difficult to start with the decoration.

In Edificaciones RC , we have set out to help you. Therefore, we are going to tell you some tricks to decorate your living room this Christmas and surprise all your guests.


  • The tree is king. Choose the tree that best suits you. Today we have a wide variety of Christmas trees available. The traditional, colorful, snowy style, wild style, etc. Finding the one that best suits you is essential.
  • Set a decorative style. Many times we have the tendency to buy decorative objects without thinking about whether they go with a defined style. It is essential that you choose a Christmas style that defines you and buy all the decorations according to that style. It can be classic, modern, sweet, etc. You decide.
  • Red is King. If there is a quintessential Christmas color, it is red. Accompany your Christmas decorations with everyday objects of red color: cushions, blankets, rugs, etc.
  • Use pine garlands. We are all very fans of the typical garlands. But it is very fashionable to use synthetic pine garlands, they give a more natural touch to your home.
  • A touch of white. If red is the King at Christmas then white is the Queen. A touch of white always brings that winter touch that comes hand in hand with Christmas and goes perfectly with everything.

Are you already sure how you are going to decorate your living room this year? Do not hesitate to put creativity to the matter and above all enjoy.