When a renovation is carried out, one of the main concerns of the owners focuses on what materials to use. The choice of materials influences the final price of the reform, the finishes achieved and the final aesthetics of the renovated rooms, so choosing one or the other can be crucial for a successful renovation. The use of wood for reforms is quite common, because it is cheap, light and versatile.

Use of wood for reforms

Traditionally, the uses of wood in the construction and refurbishment of dwellings were limited to four areas:

  • Floors in areas without humidity.
  • Wall cladding in rustic environments.
  • Doors and windows.
  • Support points: especially beams and columns.

However, nowadays the use of wood for reforms has multiplied and has become a very useful element not only in lounges, bedrooms and passageways, but also in exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms.

Some interesting uses of the wood in reforms nowadays are the following ones:

  • Floors. Not only in dry areas, but also in kitchens and bathrooms, where treated wood is used to protect them from moisture. Wood is also used in the floors of patios and terraces, and it is very common to cover swimming pools with wood.
  • Walls and ceilings. Full wood cladding and natural wood beams have disappeared, but wood is used for decoration, as in the creation of bed headboards integrated into the wall.
  • Kitchen and bathroom surfaces. There are wood worktops with anti-humidity and antibacterial treatment, and it is becoming common to use wooden cupboards and shelves that give warmth and turn bathrooms and kitchens into “living” areas, not just for use”. Wood is also used in shower floors.
  • Outdoor elements: wood adds character to outdoor areas when used in pergolas, fences… In this case, the wood is usually treated simply for exteriors, but it is also possible to find it painted in multiple colors.
  • Facades. A rather new use of wood is its use as cladding for facades in contemporary style houses. Wood cladding is especially popular for giving modular houses personality.