Nordic decoration or Scandinavian decoration has become in recent years an important gap in many homes. Its minimalist and functional character has turned this style into one of the decorative trends on the Costa Blanca.

We must not forget that the Alicante coast has a significant population of Scandinavian origin, which makes many households want to keep their origin. Thus the offer in this type of decoration is very wide.

Today we tell you about the great characteristics of this type of decoration.


  1. Minimalist decoration. Perhaps this is the most identifying feature. It runs away from overloaded spaces and opts for open and highly functional spaces. In Nordic populations the hours at home are much more than what we spend, and for this reason the houses seek functionality.
  1. Simple furniture. White or light wood furniture are the identifying colors of this style. It runs away from overloaded furniture and straight lines prevail.
  1. Search for luminosity. A Nordic home always looks for light in all its corners. The white color and the large windows will help your home to have a Nordic essence. Don’t be afraid of curtainless windows, sacrificing some privacy.
  1. Geometry is always present. Specialized brands, such as IKEA, always offer you a wide variety of geometric prints that are essential if you want to give a Nordic touch to your home.
  1. Introduce nature into your home. That’s right, it is totally impossible to find a Nordic style home without natural plants in it. Remember that we are dealing with a minimalist style and we must incorporate it in its proper measure.

From EDIFICACIONES RC we will be delighted to introduce this style in your home, with a differentiating and exclusive project. With the Nordic style you will give an exclusive and distinctive touch to your home.