During the confinement due to the coronavirus, the telework has gained tremendous strength in our country . It is a model of work that has come to our country, and is here to stay.

Thus, the need arises to adapt a place in our home where we can carry out our work, in a calm and productive way. It is not an easy task to combine work at home and a suitable space will help you do it.

Many of our new projects already include workspaces. But it is not only something that is possible in new construction, but with good advice in every home it is possible to set up a space for “ telework “.


  1. The ideal is to look for a room of your own and with the possibility of isolation. If you want your productivity to be optimal at home, the ideal is to be in a room of your own or at least that you can, while you work, isolate it with some external element such as a screen.
  1. Own office implies own decoration. Finally you do not have to give in to a decoration in your work environment that you do not like. You own your decoration and you must invest in it. An environment and decoration to your liking, will help you make your working hours more effective and less heavy.
  1. Run away from furniture other than professional furniture. You should not hesitate here, since an uncomfortable choice of furniture will affect your performance. We always advise noble woods in these spaces that will bring us peace.
  1. It incorporates a relaxation area. Sometimes work can overwhelm us and in an external office we have no option to escape for a few minutes. A home office will allow you to rest for a few minutes and you should look inside your office for a place to relax.

Do you want to install a home office? Well, EDIFICACIONES RC will design a space for you.