In a world as fast as the one we live in today, sometimes care and order in our home takes second place. Time is the great enemy of order in our homes.

From RC BUILDINGS we want to convey what benefits they will find in having the home in order. We are aware that we do not always find the time for it, and perhaps the best advice is to be consistent and not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. One off-site object a day, that’s 365 objects a year.


  • The task of ordering generates family time. That’s right, order generates well-being even when it is “ordering”. Family interactions in this work causes family time, so necessary and currently lacking.
  • Reduces stress. It is undeniable that an ordered cause at least reduces stress in the face of this pending task. It’s stress is usually caused by to-do and the lack of order at home is always visible.
  • Will favor cleaning. With a tidy house, the time spent on cleaning is much less and cleaning is always more effective. A messy house will hide spaces that will go weeks without cleaning, causing allergies and bad odors.
  • You gain a year of life. Oddly enough, a year of your life is spent searching for lost items at home. We will all have suffered that hour looking for an object at home, which also causes stress.
  • Seriously hurts teleworking. Every time, teleworking begins to gain strength in our country and the lack of order at home will cause us to lack concentration and poor work performance.

Remember that it is necessary to invest the necessary time in the order of your home, your health and comfort will thank you.