There are cases where we have a bathroom without an outside window. The lack of light or absence of natural ventilation can be the main disadvantages that these present.

We will now look at some solutions to bathrooms without windows:

White, as the predominant color

Small or poorly lit rooms will benefit from this option. White is a colour that brings light, freshness and calm. And what is important, it favors the sensation of amplitude, so necessary in that small bathroom we have.

Paintings, marbles or tiles, in very soft white or pastel tones will be a most recommendable option as far as solutions to bathrooms without windows are concerned.

To avoid the atmosphere being too cold in its entirety, a good way to counteract this is to use light wood furniture, which will provide warmth, without detracting from its luminosity and space.

Lighting, another important factor

In this case this is an essential aspect. You can use wall lights, ceiling lights, etc… A very good option is the use of so-called false skylights, as they give the impression that there is natural lighting.

We must take care to have sufficient lighting to avoid a “claustrophobic” atmosphere in this bathroom without windows to the outside.

Indirect lighting, for example behind the mirror, or above the size of the bathroom, will also provide very good results.

Suspended sinks

This is a highly recommendable option, when it comes to achieving visual range in a bathroom. The fact that a room seems to us more clear, will give us the sensation that this one is wider and more illuminated.

Some elements that will combine very well in these cases, besides being functional, will be the wicker baskets. These will provide warmth and aesthetic beauty, as well as providing the necessary storage capacity.