The rooms for children have to be special, make them their kingdom and that this space is warm, how, cozy and fun. Currently there are a large number of children’s rooms for any taste and we want to give you some ideas to have them at home.

A room for siblings

There are many children who do not like to sleep alone. Sleeping with a brother makes them feel more secure. In these cases you have to choose everything but in double quantity. If you do not have much space, you can bet on bunk beds and double desks unibody, light colored wallpaper to create a sense of space and modular furniture to create the room you want and they want.

With space and functional

For unique children there are interesting proposals with 100% functional furniture. Spaces where there will not be a hole that can not be used or any dark area where the bad ones can live. A fluffy rug to play on the floor, a large desk with many drawers and nooks to store your things, bed with drawers to order your toys and much space that will turn your room into a kingdom.

A room for a princess

Pink and white colours are fantastic alternatives for a girl’s room. White or pastel furniture, wallpaper with their favorite characters and many corners where to place their stuffed toys and toys are very interesting proposals.

Like at the bottom of the sea

Many children love the bottom of the sea, an easy proposal to achieve. Light blue color for the wall with vinyl of your favorite characters, a fluffy bed and a large rug as if it were the bottom of the sea. It can be adorned with a maritime motif and your child can live in a story of pirates, adventurers, with SpongeBob…

Decoration with Lego pieces

With Lego XXL pieces, you can get a very original proposal. They can decorate their room themselves, imposing their personality. They can have a different room when they want, assembling and disassembling pieces.